In order for you as an Associate to earn Free Energy, you must acquire 15 new customers since September 8, 2013.   Those 15 customers must have been with Stream Energy for one full billing cycle. The amount of energy credit an Associate will receive is based on the average usage of the customers they acquire. Payment to the Associate for Free Energy will be applied as a credit to their bill or to the Stream Energy account of their choice.

All qualified Stream Associates are eligible for Free Energy. Associates will qualify when their newly enrolled customers become eligible. The following customer eligibility requirements will apply to either electric or gas services:

In order to receive both free gas and free electricity, you must obtain 15 new gas customers and 15 new electric customers.  We suggest having 17 or 18.  If one is late on their payment, it will not effect your free energy


Get up to 25% reduction for the first 5, then
Get up to 50% reduction for the first 10, then
Get FREE ENERGY with all 15.

More than 15 ??
Stream will use the top 15 in usage !!!

What that means is the energy guzzling house goes to the top and the little efficiency apartment goes to the bottom.

NOW .. Customers can get free energy (and you get PAID !!!)
and when those customers get customers, YOU get PAID.
and when those customers get customers YOU get PAID !!!





Free Energy

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